A Complete buying guide for Computer Cases

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A Complete buying guide for Computer Cases

1. Introduction
A maximum number of computer users does not use their valuable time in thinking about the computer cases. It is one of the most important parts of a computer. A computer case is accountable for the size of a computer, the quantity of hardware you can gear inside, the amount of cooling that the components will get and the sound which the computer will create.

These days a diversity of computer cases is accessible in the market in addition to the online shopping websites. The choices are so many that it turn out to be very difficult to select the best computer case which is not only perfect but also more trustworthy. There are diverse varieties of brands that offer distinctive computer cases which are filled with several beneficial features. So, in this article, we will discuss the useful buying tips and tricks for computer cases so that you can make a good decision while buying this product.
2. What are the Parts of a “Computer Case”?
A computer case consists of so many significant parts and accessories that play an important role in the effective functioning of the computer. The following are some important diverse parts of a computer case:


• Tool-Free Design
The design of a computer case is tool free i.e. its parts do not need a screwdriver or a screw for the installation purposes.

• Drive Bays
The drive bays of the computer case is available in three sizes i.e. 5.25-Inch, 3.5-Inch, 2.5-Inch. The bigger size of drive bays means the larger will be the size of the computer case.

• Air circulation Fans
A computer case also comes with air circulation fans that help in preserving the heat-delicate computer constituents. You must be assured that it consists of numerous fans which are fixed on the grated zones in the forward-facing, sideways, top and bottommost section of the case.

• Ports
Nowadays, people use so many devices like cameras, flash drives, printers, MP3 player, cell phones, etc that require being plugged into the computer on a consistent basis. So, a computer case also consists of several ports for connecting such devices easily.
• I/O Shield
An I/O shield is a four-sided metallic plate (generally with sharp boundaries) that retorts into a quadrilateral gap on the hindmost of the computer case. It is one of the most substantial parts of a computer case.

• CPU-Cooler Cutaway
This is required for supporting the plate or further hardware which is mounting (for example certain type of nuts) that you connect from below the motherboard.

• Motherboard Tray
In the various framework of the computer, a motherboard tray is located area over which a motherboard stands. This is basically the bottommost area of the frame. It’s generally decorated with holes for the motherboard deadlocks if the deadlocks are not preinstalled.

• Motherboard Standoffs
These are the bits of brass that comes with a hexagonal top area which generally come in a small carrier with a PC case. You have to turn these into pre-penetrated holes in the motherboard tray.

• PSU (power supply unit) Mount
It is the big size box that is located inside a PC’s case which circulates the power to the different components in the computer, drivers and the motherboard by its hydra-similar leads.

• CPU-Cooler
It is an important part that plays the significant role if you want to install a huge, high-end video card into the computer.

• Expansion Slots
It is one of the vital parts of a computer case. These are essentially just inserts in the back of the computer case that is generally sheltered by detachable strips of iron over which you can support the set of a PCI Express card.
3. How do you use a “Computer Case “?


It is very easy to use a computer case. A computer case is an important part of every computer. The following steps will help you in knowing the usage of such cases:
• You have to buy a computer case from the market or the online shopping website as per your requirement.
• Then install all the desired accessories in that computer case i.e. motherboard, expansion slot, CPU coolers, ports, PSU mount, etc along with the I/O devices.
• Now when all the accessories are properly placed in the case, then screw it up with a screwdriver in order to make a complete computer case.
• Now, plug in this computer case in the power supply switch and on the monitor, peripherals, monitor, etc. You must plug in the device only after all the wires are inserted properly into the plugs.
• You can buy cases that are not only elegant in looks but also available in different sizes. A guide regarding the usage of computer cases is also provided along with the product so that you do not find any difficulty in installing it.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of “Computer Case”

Advantages of Computer Case

The following are some advantages of a computer case:

Supportive Expansion Cards
The expansion card support of computer case is quite beneficial for a user as this feature is not available in all the computer cases which are obtainable in the market. It helps in increasing the usages of the PC case.

Motherboard Structure as well as PSU Compatibility
Since it leads to the compatibility between the motherboard structure as well as PSU, it offers complete functionality to the user.

Support of Hard Drive
A computer case is also well-suited with the hard drive of maximum types of computers so you can use it effortlessly with any category.

Extra area for components
A computer case also provides additional space for the components of a computer. So, you do not have to worry about the issue of space.

More drive space
The space of the drive can also be increased with the help of a computer case so that more data can be saved on a computer for more time period.

Support bigger motherboards
A computer case also offers support for using the bigger size motherboards in the case of any requirement in big companies.

More space for cooling
The components of the computer also get more cooling space in the computer case and this reduces the chances of getting overheat.

Disadvantages of Computer Case

Besides the above advantages, the following are the disadvantages of a computer case:

 Hot and Loud
Sometimes the components of computer produce heat in the process of operation and this can affect the machine, if not appropriately emitted. A small size computer case can essentially contribute to high temperature. When the temperature gets increased in the case, your computer might display cautionary signs like freezing or accidental shutdowns.
 Restricted Configuration Choices
If the computer case is small, then there will be a limit on its physical parts also. For example, numerous small computers cannot house a collection of many disks in their case as there is not so much room inside. These types of cases cannot hold extravagant graphics cards or large amounts of system memory.
 Inadequate Space for Expansion
The computer cases have merely 1 or 2 drive bays and space for the one expansion card only. So, if you want to create additional broad changes, then it cannot be possible.
 Fear of stealing or Loss
If a computer case is large in size, then it is not possible to steal. But if the case is too small that it can be packed in a briefcase, then it is quite easy to steal without anyone’s knowledge.
 Maintenance and Care Challenges
The computer that has small cases is susceptible to more regular failures owing to the quantity of heat which they can produce. In the small cases, the size also limits the dimensions of a fan and this also affects the air circulation also. Due to the generation of more heat, the components of the computer can also get damaged.

5. Benefits of a Customer when they use them

The benefits of a customer when they use a computer case are as follows:
 Beautiful design
The design of the computer cases accompaniments the style of this digital era along with the elegant look of the sleek computers. It increases the overall look of your place also where you kept them.

 No more additional space requirement
It is very easily to place the computer case either on any side of your table or underneath the table. Since it is of not much bigger size, the ports of the computers are also easily manageable by the users. You do not require much effort to insert the USB flash disks through drivers.

 Portable and easily handled
A computer case is a portable device that can be simply handled or moved from one place to another. It is quite appropriate particularly for people who like to keep their things properly in their office or home. Due to the smaller size, it is very convenient to place this product in the desired location.

 High quality
The computer cases are also made from high-quality materials (aluminum or steel) that are enduring for longer time period. There are very fewer chances of breakage in these types of products.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)


 What should be the material that is preferred for manufacturing computer cases?
Basically, there are three types of material that are used for manufacturing computer cases i.e. aluminum, ABS plastic, and steel. These materials are usually used all together for manufacturing cases. The main advantage of the aluminum material is that it is lightweight to carry.

 How many types of computer cases are there?
The main types of computer cases include the micro, Mid-sized, normal size, and mini. The micro, as well as mini Computer cases, are normally about 16 inches, medium at 18 inches, and complete towers at 22 inches. On the whole, the bigger the case the more outside is the drive bays.

 Should we choose the motherboard first then selecting a computer case?
Yes, you must choose the motherboard first then selecting a computer case because it is always a perfect idea to select your motherboard earlier before so that you can know that what type of case you will required.

 How much cooling with fan is required in computer cases?
If you want to have an overclocking then, you should use the computer cases with extra cooling. The specifications detail with the cases will tell you that how many fans are required in total and how these fans can be interchanged or replaced.

 What are the expansion slots in a computer case?
An expansion slot for standard-sized computer cases normally ranges between 7 and 7+1 along with an extra expansion slot over the side. However, full-sized cases can have 10 or more expansion slots also.

 Where are the Drive Bays located?
The outside drive bays are located on the front side of the computer case and most of them range between 3 to 6 in number.

 What are the power supplies in computer cases?
The Power supplies in the cases are normally top or bottom fixed. The maximum number of contemporary cases supports the power supply over the bottom side to increase extra constancy to the case and it also helps in proper air ventilation.

7. Conclusion

It is quite difficult to choose a perfect computer case. You must have proper knowledge, correct information and your precious time to know about the computer cases in detail. Each computer case is different from other and also possesses some distinctive feature also. The main benefit of a computer case must be that it well accommodates your entire requirement in a complete manner.
A computer case not only protects the vital accessories of your computer from excessive heat and dirt. Hence, you must be very cautious while buying this product as it might affect the working or functioning of your computer also. So, you must think to buy that product which is not only creative but also useful for you in the long run. The above information will help you in making a wise decision regarding the buying of computer cases.

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