Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera: no more lonely and sad dogs at your home

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Aug 13


Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera: no more lonely and sad dogs at your home

1. Introduction

A pet is one of the man’s best friends and you can easily found them in the families. These pets always wait for the household members to play with them. When there is nobody in the house, most of the pets get jaded as well as frigid. In order to solve out this problem, one amazing gadget has been launched known as Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera which assists the pet in playing even if you are away.

Furbo is a communicating camera which lets the owner look out his/her dog activities during the whole day. It also comprises of night vision camera that can help you in watching your dog in the dim light. As it can be linked to the iOS as well as Android applications, you can easily get the push notifications while your dog starts growling. It becomes very easier for you to calm your pup with the help of Furbo’s two-way audio system. This gadget also has in-built speaker which can emit your voice in the room so that the dog does not feel that you are not at home. In order to know more about this ultimate gadget, you have to read the article below.

 2. What are the parts of a “Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera “?

The following are the main different parts of the Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera:

  • Entertaining Treat Tossing

You can provide a treat to the dog with the help of tossing feature in this gadget during any time and anywhere. You just have to install the free Furbo android or iOS application.

  • High-Definition Camera along with Night Vision

There is an HD camera along with the night vision in this gadget through which you can see your dog’s actions while you are not present at home. This camera is in 720p HD that can be used day or night.

  • Two-Way system of Audio

The two-way audio system is also present in this gadget with the help of which you can easily listen and ease your dog just similar to when you are with them.

  • Barking Alert

The Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera sends push notifications to the smartphone as soon as your dog starts barking so that you can calm them quickly

  • Photo and Video Storage

This gadget can capture every single special moment of your dog that you can share with your family members and friends.

3. How do you use a “Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera”?


Furbo is a small device imitating the size of a vaporizer. It basically mechanizes the procedure of watching the pet distantly. The following are the steps of using a Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera:

  • Internet connection is needed

The first and foremost important step are to have an internet connection. The camera of the Furbo is equipped with the option of Wi-Fi connectivity. Hence you have to get an internet connection to talk to your beautiful dog. You must be assured that the gadget has an appropriate vision of the pet in order to facilitate stress-free communication.

  • Download the app of FURBO

With the purpose of controlling the gadget, it is important to download and install the application of Turbo on your smartphone. After installing the application, you can easily sit in your office and can monitor your pet if they are having any health issues.

  • Use the two-way audio

If the pet is in any kind of distress then, an audio’s two-way system can be utilized for the effective communication. Your pet will be exceptionally surprised after listening to your voice and would definitely relish the entire experience. You can also give commands to the dog so that it acts in a perfect way.

  • Toss the treat

This device has a magnificent characteristic to throw the cookie in the air along with the same sound which resembles the voice of the trainer while he/she throws the pet foodstuff.

  • Place the gadget

The last step is to place the gadget at the correct position. The Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera must be positioned on the table or the counter in order to offer a clear vision of the pet when you are away. When you go nearby to the gadget, you will find that as soon as the blue kind of lights gets on, the treat is hurled towards the air. So as to accomplish the job, visual receptors get initiated. The pets recognize the signal and they will place themselves in the opposite of the machine.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of “Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera”


The following are the advantages of the Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera:

  • The camera of the device can detect the barking of the dog so that you can calm down your dog in case of any emergency.
  • The device can also send you a push notification on your smartphone if the barking of the dog is detected.
  • The camera of the Furbo is also comprised of a cool blue light that gives signals to your dog before hurling the treat into the air.
  • A strong 3M adhesive is also provided with the gadget so that you can place your camera at one position and also your dog cannot knock it down easily.
  • A night vision camera is also built in this gadget so that you can also keep any eye on your dog during the night time.
  • You can also share the pictures or videos of your pet over the social networking websites with the help of this gadget.


Besides the above advantages, there are few disadvantages also of using this gadget which is as follows:

  • There are certain security issues with this gadget as in order to view your recording you have to make an account on the Furbo’ s website. It means that the servers of the company are getting a direct link with the gadget’s camera by breaking your privacy.
  • You have to fill a lot of treats in the gadget for the tossing purposes.
  • The loud sound and the ferocious manner through which the appetizers are shot from the Furbo can also scare the pet.
  • You also have to take away the whole forward-facing cover to fill snacks in it which might be an irritating and stressful thing to do.
  • The video quality is not also good as it is quite unclear and pixelated and if the pet is far from the gadget then you can have a complete view of it.
  • The dispenser is quite larger for the dogs since it fires out an enormous number of cookies for the pets. There must be a setting for controlling the quantity it gives out.

 5. Benefit of customer when they use them

The following are the benefits of customer when they use Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera:

  • Entertaining

The use of Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera is very entertaining also as you can simply correct the bad behavior of your dog. You can also make them comfortable with your talks when you are far away from them. The videos can also be posted on the social media which can be a lot of fun o do.

  • Control through app

By installing the app of Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera app into your smartphone, you can have a complete control of your pet. You can see, talk, hear, play and give treats to your pets when you are not nearby to them.

  • Comfort to the pet

Dogs usually get frightened or scared when they are left alone at the home. But with the help of this gadget, you can make them feel comfortable at the home.

  • Zoom up the image

There is a feature of 4 * zoom in this gadget so that you can have a clear and better view of your dog if it is smaller in size like a pup.

  • Recording videos

If anytime you miss out any activity of your pet, then you can also check it in the videos recorded in the gadget. All the videos are of high-definition quality for the better view.

  • Portability

The device is also very lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. So, if you do not find the location well suitable then, you can change it very easily.

6. Frequently asked question (F.A.Q)

  • I am a new user of the Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera. Will it be difficult to set up the Furbo at home?

No, there is no difficulty in setting up the Furbo at your home on your own. You just have to plug in the end of the USB cord into the gadget and the adaptor. Then, download the app of Furbo through the Google play store and then follow all the instructions given in the app to complete the entire set-up.

  • Can I use this gadget for my cat also?

Yes, you can surely use the Furbo device with your cat also. These gadgets are not only meant for dogs only, you can use them for the other pets also.

  • Which is the best place to keep the Furbo?

The places where you can keep the Furbo totally depend on upon the location where the dog generally roams around. You can keep at any place of your home but away from the sunlight as well as the moisture. It must be placed 13 to 21 inches above the floor of your home but also according to the height of the dog. A set of three 3M dual-sided insulating tape is also attached on the bottommost of the Furbo device to provide support for the balance

  • Does the angle of the Furbo’s camera is adequate to check that what the dog is doing all over the day?

Yes, the camera of the Furbo devices a 120° wide-ranging angle along with an incorporated speaker and microphone. In order to make your dog come in the direction of the camera you just have to use the Furbo app for tossing him cookies and communicate through the microphone.

  • Can the homemade treats be used in the Furbo?

Yes, undoubtedly you can sue the homemade treats. You just have to remember the size of the treats which you want to give to your pet must match up the size of the inlet through which it comes out from the Furbo.

  • Is it possible to share the videos and pictures taken by the Furbo over the social networking websites?

Yes, you can share the videos and pictures of your pet over the social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, etc that are recorded in the Furbo.

  • How to clean the Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera?

Cleaning of the Furbo is a stress-free job. You just required a wet fabric to wipe as well as clean the Furbo gadget. Since the Furbo comprises of delicate electronics, so you cannot rinse it under the running water of the tap.

  • Does the Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera require batteries?

There is no requirement of batteries in the Furbo gadget as it uses the USB cord as well as normal power adapter which need to be plug into the socket.

  • Why there is a feature of tossing treats in Furbo?

This feature lets the dogs to cheerily catch and get the treats just like you give them. This also helps to make your dog come in front of the camera when you want to see them.

7. Conclusion

Everything in this world comes with the advantages and disadvantages and so is the case with this amazing gadget. Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera is comprised of so many beneficial features along with the affordable price rate. The flaws about this device do not overshadow its benefits also. If you buy this product, then it will be very advantageous not only for you but also for the pets. This gadget is an important requirement according to the fast running scenario of the world. With the help of the Furbo Treat Dog Tossing Camera, you can look out your pets along with the work you are doing in your office. We are sure that once you buy this product, you will never regret in the coming future for sure.

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