Get thermal imaging over your smartphone with flir one

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Nov 09

Get thermal imaging over your smartphone with flir one

1. Introduction

At present, the technology all over the world is getting refined at very fast speed and all this is resulting in a lot of changes in a person’s life. One of the superb instances of technology is the numerous gadgets which are getting introduced daily with the new innovative interface as well as design. FLIR ONE is also one such gadget that is getting very much popular nowadays among the users.

You just have to connect this amazing device with your smartphone in order to relish the superlative experience of getting the pictures clicked. FLIR ONE also has the feature of thermal imaging that helps in augmenting the overall experience of the user.

2. What are the parts of a “FLIR ONE”?

The following are the parts of the FLIR ONE:

  • Thermal camera

There is a thermal camera in the FLIR ONE along with the micro USB connector for the Android version mobile phones and a lightning connector for the iOS version. The Android version devises a QR code subsequent to the connector.

  • Protective case

This gadget comes in a protective case made up of the plastic which has dual cameras on the front side. Out of this, one lens is a visible light camera as well as the other is the thermal camera.

  • LED

A power button is also provided on either side of the gadget that also devises a LED status which gets blinked when you ON the camera.

  • Micro USB charging cable

Over the reverse side of the FLIR ONE, there is a micro USB port which is utilized for charging the internal battery of the camera. When you are charging the battery, the LED will blink as an indication.

3. How do you use a “FLIR ONE”?

The flowing is the steps of using the FLIR ONE:

  • In order to use the FLIR ONE, you have to first charge out the batteries. After this, you have to download as well as install the free app of FLIR ONE. As soon as the app is launched, you will ask you to attach the camera after switching ON the power.
  • The interface of the FLIR ONE application is quite simple. The app offers a live view from the camera of the FLIR ONE. You can also apply a filter that can benefit in viewing the diverse details like cold spots and hot spots. Through this app, you can click a picture or you can make a video.
  • The technology which is used in FLIR ONE is known as MSX stitching that takes a regular as well as a thermal image at the similar time and overlays them together for watching the outline of the objects.
  • Moreover to the clicking of regular photos, the user can also click out the panorama photos along with the time-lapse video. You can also use the timer given in the gadget which ranges between 3 to 10 seconds.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of “FLIR ONE”


The following are the advantages of using the FLIR ONE:

  • The FLIR ONE consists of the visual light and infrared cameras.
  • This gadget is obtainable for the Android as well as the iOS devices users.
  • It also delivers entire estimates of the temperature.
  • It is reasonable for a thermal imaging camera.


The following are the disadvantages of using the FLIR ONE:

  • This gadget is costly as a smartphone attachment.
  • The on-off button is also quite complex to use.
  • The Android version devises a fixed angle which is not good.

5. Benefit of customer when they use them

The below are the few benefits of using the FLIR ONE:

  • Small size

The size of the FLIR ONE is small but this did not affect its performance at all. It possesses exceptional features, usability, and distinctiveness without any doubt.  Along with the dual camera, this device is very lightweight to carry.

  • User-friendliness

You can easily get familiar with this gadget as it is very easy to use. You do not have to follow any difficult instructions or steps for starting using the FLIR ONE. It is one of the easiest ways to capture the thermal images also which was not possible earlier.

6. Frequently asked question (F.A.Q)

  • I am a new user of this gadget. Can you please tell me that how many degrees will be the field of view?

The degree of the field of view is 46° x 35°. This information is not given anywhere but it will be around this quotation.

  • Will I able to detect a trespasser from inside my home without moving outside?

No, that is not possible with this gadget.

7. Conclusion

In the end, we can say that the FLIR ONE is an outstanding gadget with all the innovative features. Its uniqueness makes it one of the best gadgets which are currently available in the market. You will surely get influenced by its amazing performance when you buy it.


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