Guide For The Walkie-Talkie For Hunting

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Feb 29

Guide for Walkie talkie for hunting

A Guide For The Walkie-Talkie For Hunting


A walkie-talkie is one of the important things that a hunter requires while going for hunting. Several walkie-talkie manufacturers are now trying to manufacture that walkie-talkie which fulfils all the needs of hunters. The walkie-talkies with camouflage colour including the headsets and the charging device shall be easily found in the market. However, it becomes very difficult for a person to choose the best walkie-talkie from so many available options.

Problems while using Walkie-Talkie for hunting

  • Problems in receiving signals

People have found problems in receiving the signals in the walkie-talkie when they are in the dense forest or near a mountain. These types of obstacles disturb the signal strength of the device. It might turn out to be a bigger issue if the person has any emergency situation.

  • Conversation openly in the area

At the time of hunting, people need to remain calm and silent so that no animal can hear their voice. However, while using a walkie-talkie a person have to talk openly with the speakers. This might indulge them into a harsh situation as animals can hear their voice and harm them without the knowledge of the person.

  • Shorter battery life after charging

People usually go for group hunting trip. So, it becomes necessary for them to carry a fully-charged walkie-talkie battery to remain in contact with others. But, these walkie-talkies cannot run for a longer period without charging again. Therefore,  a set of extra batteries is also required.

Advantages and disadvantages when using walkie-talkie for hunting


  • The walkie-talkie that is manufactured for hunting purposes can easily float on the water.
  • These are lightweight devices that increase its flexibility also.
  • The body of walkie-talkie used for hunting is very durable.
  • If a person acquires a license of GSMR, then it boosts the coverage range of the device.
  • The cut-glass shape of the device makes it very comfortable to carry in hand.


  • It is very difficult for a person to choose the best walkie-talkie from the several devices having same features and prices.
  • A person needs a license to run this device.
  • The feature of an advanced digital function is not present in these walkie-talkies.

Guide using walkie-talkie for hunting

  • The first important thing that a hunter must do is to properly read the manual’s sections provided with the device.
  • There is a roger-hoot setting in the walkie-talkie that needs to be switched off so that at the time of hunting it does not make a noise.
  • Always set the frequency of the walkie-talkie beside the channel 1 as more people are using this channel for communication.
  • A headset shall be carry by the hunter while going for hunting as this will benefit in better communication without any movement.

Frequently asked question

  • Which age-group people can use this walkie-talkie on hunting?

As children are not allowed to go for hunting, it is understandable that this device is not manufactured for them. So, adult people can easily use this device.

  • What shall be the distance between the two people who are using walkie-talkie while hunting?

The different models of walkie-talkie offer distance up to 5 miles to 10 miles. So, it totally depends on the models that a hunter is purchasing and the location in which the device have to work.

  • Is walkie-talkie for hunting is water-proof?

Yes, maximum models of different companies provide the feature of waterproofing in their devices.


Picking a right walkie-talkie is very important for hunters as it could save their lives at the time of emergency situation. So, a hunter must look for the device which offers features that will help him in hunting as well as make him feel more safe and secure.

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