Get to the next level of Photography with Metabones Speed Booster

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Jul 22

Get to the next level of Photography with Metabones Speed Booster

1. Introduction

Taking photographs might be a profession or a desire for so many people. In order to get perfection in this you need to do lots of practice for several years with the help of an impeccable camera that assists you in shooting the images which others can appreciate. There are countless training institutes in the whole world from where people can fetch training as well as technical information regarding the capturing of astonishing image and choosing a suitable camera for themselves.

However, the selection of a well-known company’s camera is not sufficient for getting flawless pictures. You also need few extra devices that can be attached to the camera to upsurge its sharpness in addition to the reduction in the shallowness. So, when you look out for such additional gadgets, you will come across with Metabones Speed booster. The Metabones speed booster is basically an adapter which permits for a complete frame lens to be attached to Micro Four Thirds mirror-less cameras or APS-C.

2. What are the parts of a “Metabones Speed Booster “?

The following are some essential parts or features of Metabones Speed Booster:

  • The Metabones speed booster is firmly made up of brass and chrome material that well matches the quality of the camera. It will give you a feel of entirely metallic inheritance lenses impeccably.
  • Once the Metabones speed booster gets fitted on the camera, you cannot even predict that there is anything above the original lens as it is mounted along with it. When you attach this speed booster to the camera, it adds up around 2 cm to the total length of the lens which is slightly below a regular non focal length altering MFT/ Nikon connector.
  • There is one ring that is numbered 1 to 7 at the back. This ring helps in changing the space with lenses which do not possess their individual space ring. This number of the ring has to be set on number 7 for the camera’s lenses that have their specific ring. Normally, people lock this position for the shooting of pictures.
  • The one more important part of the Metabones speed booster is its support base. It is quite unpredictable that how much heavy or lighter will be the full frame lenses. There are so many cameras that have compact size bodies. So, Metabones speed booster has a sizable construction that can take the pressure of the weight of a camera body along with the lenses.

3. How do you use a “Metabones Speed Booster “?

The following steps will help you in suing the Metabones speed booster in an effective manner:

  • The Metabones Speed Booster or a Smart Adapter devises of 2 diverse operation modes i.e. Green mode as well as advanced mode. Every single mode possesses a dissimilar series of features. You have to choose the operation mode during the mounting of the lens.
  • In the “Green” Mode, the power of the battery is preserved by abbreviated movements of the aperture diaphragm. The aperture diaphragm is not going to halt down till the shutter release is completely de-pushed or the picture capture key is de-pushed.
  • The stabilization of the image will not get started till the release button of the camera’s shutter is half-pushed or picture capturing initiates.
  • If you want to change the mode for temporary period, then it is required to select the further operation mode by turning ON the power of your camera or you may attach the Metabones speed booster onto the body of the camera first.
  • During the de-pressing of the WO/CF key (Wide-Open/Custom Function) of the speed booster, you have to fix the camera’s mounted lens on top of the speed booster.
  • Now, fix the camera’s support lens onto the Metabones speed booster first, and then by de-pressing the WO/CF key attach the speed booster onto the camera’s body.
  • At last, the operation mode will be reorganized to the default settings when either the speed booster or the camera’s lens is separated.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of “Metabones Speed Booster”


  •  Upsurge in the low light picture

When you use a Metabones speed booster along with your camera, it also upsurges the low light picture into the perfect one.

  •  Complete frame appearance

The Metabones speed booster also offers an extensive arena of viewing a picture, lighter DOF, eye-catching photograph as well as lights dipping off in the direction of corners.

  •  Value for money

This product is an extremely good value for the money that you spent on it for buying. You can make savings by purchasing substitute complete frame movie solution such as Canon 1D X / 1D C.

  •  Safeguards investment

It also helps you in saving your investment that you might have to spend in buying a new camera with high-resolution power. You can use this product on your old camera.

  •  Amends certain optical flaws

This speed booster amends certain optical flaws that arise in the middle of the frame, for example, exaggerated fringing and blackout.

  •  More innovative potentials

There are so many innovative potentials in the Metabones speed booster that can enhance the overall quality of the picture that you take off from your camera.

  •  Outstanding build quality

The outer body of this speed booster is made up from robust material that ensures it longevity. So, there is no worry about wear and tear of this product for longer time period.

  •  Compact size

The Metabones speed booster is available in very compact size which makes it very lightweight to carry with you.

  •  Tripod support

The tripod support is also detachable according to the user’s requirement. It does not affect the working of the speed booster at all.


  •  No lock on opening ring

There is no lock on the opening ring where you can maintain a particular setting of your camera for clicking pictures.

  • Unsupportive to FF cameras

The Metabones speed booster does not support the full face cameras that are used by DSLR users. This is the main drawback of this product.

  • Tussle in edge sharpness

In order to get perfect edge sharpness, the user has to do a little struggle with this product. If you are a new user then it might cause you a bigger issue.

  • Requirement of improvement in speed

The speed of the auto-focus requires some improvement as it si quite slow as compared to the other lenses or speed boosters.

5. Benefit of customer when they use them

There are so many benefits that a user will get while using Metabones speed booster. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Great images delivery

When you use a Metabones speed booster, you can have a sharper middle on extensive open. It provides great pictures with overall enhanced contrast. While using this technology, entire diffusion is set for the flawless vision. This speed booster makes distinct and contrasted pictures to look more astonishing by becoming an attention-seeker for so many people.

  • Shallower depth of field (DOF)

The one more benefit of suing Metabones speed booster is that it offered shallower DOF (depth of field). You can easily make a cracked image into a beautiful looking picture. This product is very simple and quite stress-free to use. You will not have to follow any strict steps for using this product as it is simply manufactured to be attached to the camera with easiness for providing a perfect picture with correct edges.

  •  Remarkably Sharper in the Centre

The Metabones speed booster offers remarkably sharper images along with a better contrast. There are few keys that are provided in the speed booster that helps you in setting the sharpness and the contrast from the center of the image with a wide open.

  • Well-built

The Metabones are recognized for constructing strong lens adapters as well as the EF Speed Booster without any exception. When the metal lens and the body of the camera mount down to the lens for releasing the button, you can feel the robust well-built.

  • Better field of vision and brightness

The Metabones Speed Booster comprises of the customized optics which upsurges the entire field of vision as well as brightness of the lenses that are located on the adapter. You can easily see the difference between the pictures that are taken from the regular camera and the camera with the speed booster. It will show you the intense change.

  •  Compatibility aids

The Metabones speed booster is compatible with all the different types of cameras with the diverse range of sizes. So, you do not have to worry about its compatibility while buying this product.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  • Are there any speed Boosters for the DSLR camera frames?

No, there are no speed boosters for the DSLR cameras.

  • Does the speed booster support the Samsung NX cameras?

No, regrettably, it is not conceivable to apt the optics in the Samsung NX camera because of the projected distance and bodily intervention problems.

  • Does the aperture rings on certain Speed Boosters possess click halts?

The Contarex, as well as Nikon G Speed Boosters, obligate basic aperture rings to alter the opening of the lens.

  • In what way does the Speed Booster affect the out of focus area?

The speed booster has negligible influence on the out of focus area. In a maximum number of cases, the resultant area is of the lens only. The Speed Booster does not leave its impact in the pictures. It is quite non-aligned.

  • I am getting very confused about entire focal length multipliers. Please suggest?

“Similarity” has constantly been a puzzling subject. The Focal length, extreme aperture and DOF (depth-of-field) are physical measures which do not care about the magnitude of the sensor located at the back of the lens. Basically, a Speed Booster physically decreases the focal length and upsurges the maximum aperture of the lens.

  • Does the Speed Booster compatible with the FF camera frames?

No, the speed boosters are not compatible with the FF cameras frames. If the FF camera figure is designed for the auto-crop method, then the cropping will be spontaneously applied and merely the middle of the frame will be utilized.

  • Does this speed booster will be compatible with all the upcoming cameras and lenses?

At the present stage, no company can release an authorized statement regarding the future requirements compatibility. But, if any need for the up-gradation is required, then they can go for such changes in their upcoming models.

  • The mount is quite stiff which makes it hard to attach the lens. Please advise that what should I do now?

Your Metabones speed booster is optimized for the making of video and there is a significant condition that the mount needs not to be vibrated or move during the zooming up and functioning of the operation rings. If this happens then it can lead to a small inconvenience while mounting as well as dismounting the camera’s lens.

  • Is there any requirement of the external power source?

No, there is no need of any external power source. The Metabones speed booster is always driven by the body of the camera and hence there is no necessity of the external power source except when the camera has no electrical links.

7. Conclusion

The Metabones speed booster alters the performance of the lens and discourses such a long-lasting subject for the photographers who want to have a perfect pictures with their old cameras. After using this product, you can become aware about its benefits that make the quality of the images very impressive just like professional cameras. This product is well suited for the manual focus camera shooters.

If you are fond of photography and want to take it onto the next high level, then the Metabones speed booster must be purchased. It will not only enhance the outcome of your pictures but also offers you the best quality that you might get after buying the costly cameras. It is not only economical but you will also feel it worth to buy this product as it will never let you regret about your decision of buying this product in the future also.

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