Problems in Walkie-Talkie Usage

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Mar 03

List of Problems in Walkie-Talkie Usage


A walkie-talkie is a kind of radio that offers two-way communications. It is a portable device that benefits in conveying the verbal message in the small distance. Initially, a walkie-talkie was manufactured during the second world war to help the armed forces in communicating and commanding their officers. However, with the changing time, the use of a walkie-talkie also gets changed. Now, you may easily find it in situations of emergency services (such as a fire broke out in building) and on the construction sites too.

A walkie-talkie is used by several people. The workers employed at building sites and security team in shopping centres or at festivals utilized a walkie-talkie in an efficient way. Even the employees of a company use this device in case of any big business venture meeting. This helps them to remain in contact with other employees so that the meeting can be carried out effectively. However, these types of walkie-talkies are quite expensive. So, companies try to hire them for a shorter period.

Problems while using Walkie-Talkie

Besides the above uses, people also felt some problems while using a walkie-talkie. Some of them are as follows:

  • Dropping Coverage

The problem that is commonly faced by the people is the dropping coverage area of a walkie-talkie. Sometimes during an on-going message transmission, suddenly you will find that you are not able to hear the person on the other side. This may occur due to the coverage problem. It also results in miscommunication between the two persons.

  • Interference while conversation on the radio

At times, you may hear some additional noises or other people talks while doing the conversation over the walkie-talkie. This might be an interesting to hear the talks of others.  But, if you are transmitting an important or urgent message to the other person, then this may cause a bigger problem for you.

  • Losing the signals in some specific locations

It is quite obvious for people that in the basements of the building, in lifts or the sites with several floors, they will lose the signals of the walkie-talkie. These locations are a type of dead-spot for the device. It may turn into the bigger problem if a person gets stuck in the basement and need an emergency service.

  • No privacy while communication

Walkie talkies haven’t acquired the status for being the best-isolated device for communication. At the time of transmitting the message, the message shall easily hear by the other unknown person. There is no privacy while the transmission of the message. For example, there are several security issues that must remain between the security team and the staff of the shopping mall.

  • Batteries will go dead

If you take the walkie-talkie on a long expedition, then there are chances of low battery. The battery of a walkie-talkie cannot sustain for a longer period without charging. So, people must carry extra batteries with them so as to face any kind of problem.


A walkie-talkie is a valuable device for two-way communication for the personal use or the commercial use. It is a little thing that can become a medium of entertainment and shall be used in a business or camp-out trips. It also suits the pockets of the people as it is not the much expensive thing to buy and there is no cost of using the device.

However, it is essential to buy the reliable device that meets your requirements. There are several models of the walkie-talkie available in the market. You must select the device that has minimum problems associated with it. This shall be done with the help of proper research and study.

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