Relish the sound more with Feniks ESSENCE

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Sep 16
Relish the sound more with Feniks ESSENCE

Relish the sound more with Feniks ESSENCE

1. Introduction

When you buy a computer, the next second thing which you instantly want to purchase is its speaker. A computer speaker system leads a significant role in conveying the output of the sound to the person who is using the gadget. You can use this product either for playing the songs or for watching the hi-tech videos along with the full setting of the sound effect.

One of the astonishing pieces of invention i.e. Feniks Essence computer speakers has been introduced recently that have seized the mind of the people. Due to its increasing popularity among the people, this product is going to turn out to be more successful in the whole world.

2. What are the parts of a “Feniks ESSENCE”?

The following are the parts of a Feniks ESSENCE:

  • There is an automatic backup or wake function. Hence when you select an input, you never have to again push a button.
  • A top-fixed volume controls along with the Teflon liner given for the uniform operation.
  • An excellent switchable amplified earphone’s output is provided in this speaker.
  • The cabinet of the product is completely made up of aluminium and consisted of a 3 linking boards which go collectively in an exclusive entirely sectional assembly technique known as (FMAS) Feniks Modular Assembly System.
  • There is a system of channels that function sideways with all intersections and pressure rods through the size of the cabinet.
  • An internal section of the Feniks ESSENCE is established with the 4.5 inches coaxial driver in order to provide the point-source audio imaging and spectacular time consistency.
  • You will find a module of 50W/channel ICEpower amplification in this product.

3. How do you use a “Feniks ESSENCE “?

The following is the list of steps that you need to follow for using the Feniks ESSENCE:

  • First of all, the “Feniks Essence” dodges your PC’s sound card by selecting its personal 24-bit / 96kHz DAC made by Mr Gordon Rankin that is famous for its quality.
  • Then, the digital connectivity is made accessible through USB as well as TOSLINK ophthalmic networks. Although for analog selections, an RCA (Root cause analysis) input is given which joins the regular 3.5mm input letting it connect with any kind of audio source.
  • The Feniks Essence is driven by the 50 watts per module of channel ICEpower amplification along with 4.5 inches coaxial driver. These drivers are built for placing the numerous drivers over the similar point in a section that leads to the enhanced stereo imaging. This specific driver moreover weighs around 4.5 grams that are believed to provide a faster response as compared to the old-style drivers of this same size.
  • Lastly, you just have to plug in the cable of the speakers into the computer as well as in the power socket. After this, you can enjoy your music or video with full amazing experience.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of “Feniks ESSENCE”


The following are the advantages of the Feniks ESSENCE:

  • Diverse range of colors

The manufacturers of this product have skillfully read the mind of the clients and presented these speakers in diverse colors including Grey, black and white.

  • Suits any environment

It is completely your choice that you can select any speaker that can blends unambiguously with the surrounding atmosphere of your room.

  • Stylish looks

The visual appearance of the speakers is quite impressive and innovative that can easily attract any person towards it.

  • Exceptional ports

Dissimilar the other kind of speakers in the same category, the Feniks ESSENCE’s manufacturers have given the ports even at the rear of the product.

  • Crystal clear audio sound

These speakers offer an experience in the form of wonderful performance along with the clarity of the crystal clear audio sound. 


The following are the disadvantages of the:

  • Costly product

The one and only disadvantage of Feniks ESSENCE is its price. As compared to the other similar products, the price of this device is little high than the others which might not suit the pocket of every interested buyer.

5. Benefit of customer when they use them

The following are the benefits of the Feniks ESSENCE:

  • Big size front panel

These speakers have the anodized aluminum disc which offers it more stability when you increase its volume. The 14mm width leads to the stability towards the speakers for delivering the excellent performance.

  • Alteration with the coaxial driver

There are two-way coaxial drivers in this product which are designed in a personalized method. Along with a great autonomous middle woofer, these speakers offer incomparable bass to you. You can effortlessly alter the room option into a disco-option with thriving sound.

  • Best Quality

The system of the speakers utilizes the technology of 24 bit DAC USB in order to certify the transfer of the data at the high speed in the audio signals form. You can either connect it to the Apple – TV or any other audiovisual aid devices without any issue. With the intention of making the product more effective, in the Feniks Essence there are only 2 buttons provided specifically to change between the output and the input mode.

6. Frequently asked questions (F.A.Qs)

  • Can I use the Feniks Essence with my Television set?

Yes, you can easily use this device with your TV set.

  • Does this device costly or reasonable to buy?

This product is little costly than the other similar models available in the market.

  • Can I keep them in the main room of my house?

Yes, it will completely suit the beauty of the main room of your house owing to its amazing designing.

7. Conclusion

The Feniks Essence’s manufacturers have made a multipurpose speaker which can offer a good competition to the other recognized brands. Owing to some variations in exterior and its tallness, the volume of the device has gone through wonderful changes in terms of quality. If you are thinking for a get-together or a party at your home, then this product will be a good option for you for playing music with outstanding audio effects. We are sure that once you buy this device, you will never ever regret about your choice in the future for sure.

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