Retevis Walkie Talkie Review


Feb 17

Retevis Walkie Talkie Review– Discover reasons why do you need Retevis Walkie Talkie before you buy. Read this information NOW!

Retevis Walkie Talkie Review

1. Introduction

If you want to have an immediate and unceasing communication inside a constricted range, then handheld transceivers are the perfect choice for you. A walkie-talkie not only helps you in communication but also a good medium to convey a message without incurring any extra cost. You can find so many different brands and models of walkie-talkies that are available in the market at present. One of the common and famous walkie-talkies that are used all over the world is Retevis walkie-talkie. These two-way communication devices are recognized as one of the best amongst the other walkie-talkies for aiding an appropriate connectivity all the way through the specified limit.

Retevis Walkie-talkies are also very convenient to carry with you during your working. It helps the people in staying connected with all the other persons in the same premises. You can operate this device quite easily without any worry as it does not possess any tough technical features that you should be familiar with. Before buying this amazing gadget, you must know about everything that is related to this device.

Retevis Walkie Talkie Review On The Market

2. What are the parts of a "Retevis Walkie Talkie"?

The following are the significant parts of Retevis walkie-talkie that plays an important role in functioning of this device:

Retevis Walkie Talkie Review

  • Sturdy Flashlight

There is a sturdy flashlight that is provided in this Retevis walkie-talkie so that it can help you during the traveling, camp out drives. When you have this device with you then there is no need for distinct lighting equipment for encountering your everyday requirements.

  • Antenna Base

The antenna base of this walkie-talkie is made from pure copper. Even though the cost of the pure copper base is quite high but it offers stronger, higher superiority, sturdier, better and more constant signals during the communication.

  • Speakers

The speakers of Retevis walkie-talkie are of high sound quality. It means that while talking on this device, the sound comes very clear and loud even in the noisy environment.

  • PTT (Push to talk) Button

There is a PTT button that has a non-slip touch design. This basically aids in providing better customer experience during the use of the device.

  • Headset Jack

The headset’s jack has a metal ring shield to evade any kind of wire circuit churning. It also aids in good communication and stable performance of the walkie-talkie.

  • Non-slip Surface

The body of the walkie-talkie is also made non-slippery so that the user can use it comfortably for longer time period.

  • Battery Card Clip

There is an inventive battery card clip which is durable and easy to rip. This will not let any kind of dust to be blocked in the device.

  • Intellectual Dual Charger

There is an intellectual dual charger system in this walkie-talkie. For the purpose of charging the intercom, you can detach the rechargeable battery.

3. How do you use a "Retevis Walkie-Talkie"?

The following are the steps of using a Retevis walkie-talkie:

  • In order to get the start, you have to firstly install the AA Batteries in the Retevis walkie-talkie. This radio basically uses three AA alkaline batteries.
  • After inserting the batteries into the radio, turn ON the walkie-talkie. You can hear the chirping sound of the device.
  • The screen of the Retevis walkie-talkie will concisely display all the icons of the features that are accessible on your receiver. Now, you can scroll down from all the available channels and the Interference Eliminator Encryptions.
  •  The next thing is to set the volume of the walkie-talkie. For this, you have to push the “UP” button (present on the device) in order to increase the volume of the speaker and push the "DOWN" button for decreasing the volume of the speaker.
  • After the above step, you have to set the channel for communication on the Retevis walkie-talkie. For this, you have to press the PTT button to save the current channel that is flashing over your device’s screen.
  • Now for communicating over the Retevis walkie-talkie, it is very important that all the radios of your group must be on the similar channel. For talking you need to press and hold the PTT button and hold the walkie-talkie 2-3 inches away from your body while speaking. After finishing the talk, you have to release the PTT button.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of "Retevis Walkie-Talkie"


Generally, a walkie-talkie comes with feasible hard program design, but this is not the case with the Retevis walkie-talkie. This two-way communication device is manufactured in such a way so that a user can easily use it with the complete convenience. So, below are few advantages of Retevis walkie-talkie that will make you a fan of this product:

  • Functions perfectly in Cities

There are very fewer walkie-talkies that can work perfectly in the in urban surroundings. But, Retevis walkie-talkie performs a fairly decent job. In metropolises, you can easily interconnect the people who are 1.5 miles away.

  • Originates with an Earphone

You will find a spiral wrap around earphone with this walkie-talkie that resembles the category of earpieces that are used by professional guards.

  • Best equipment for Navy

This walkie-talkie device fulfills all the requirements of the people of the navy. Thus, the navy can completely utilize this device for their official purposes.

  • Programmable Frequencies

You can use the programmable frequencies of the Retevis in order to get the permitted software to reprogram your walkie-talkie. This helps a lot during if you are residing in the restricted frequency area.

  • Integrated LED Flashlight

Retevis walkie-talkie also originates with an inbuilt flashlight in some of its models. The flashlight is so much powerful that it can help you in the case of emergency situations.

  • Outstanding Speaker

The Retevis walkie-talkie truly lusters when it comes to the audio clearness. The receiving messages sound very clear and you do not find any issue while hearing nay message.

  • Sleek Design

The sleek professional design of this walkie-talkie makes it quite exceptional from others. It does not look like a toy at all. You can flaunt this device in front of your friends and relatives also.


The above advantages about the Retevis walkie-talkie show that it is a good device to purchase. However, alternatively, there are certain things which you also need to know regarding this device while comparing to the other models that are available in the market. So, below are some disadvantages about this product:

  • Lack of Functioning

If there are gigantic concrete buildings or bigger longer trees between you and the other person, then might be this device does not work properly. You might hear a stationery voice in the end.

  • Uncomfortable Earpiece

The earpiece of this walkie-talkie works properly but of you have to wear it for the longer time period then it might cause pain. So, we can say that earpieces are not very comfortable accessory.

  • Delicate Body

The body or the exterior of the Retevis walkie-talkie is not so much sturdy. So, if you drop it somehow then, it might get the break. The plastic case is quite strong, but it’s not secured by the rubber material.

5. Benefit of Customer when they use them

The following is the list of benefits that a customer gets while using the Retevis walkie-talkie:

  • Promptness of voice

The voice rapidity is very clear in this walkie-talkie. You may click on the scan option which would catch the free radio channels accessible for the communication. The greater bandwidth, as well as the frequency range, certifies that entire data is conveyed in a stress-free and trouble-free way.

  • Ergonomic design

The main benefit of the Retevis walkie-talkie is its ergonomic design which gels perfectly with the further features. Instead of being basic metallic equipment, this device is quite thin and easy to carry. When you pick it with your hand, it gets adjusted accordingly and you can simply carry it with you from one place to another without any fear.

  • Long lasting Battery

Even though the lithium manufactured battery needs around two hours to get fully charged but then it can effortlessly offer you a backup of around 8 - 9 hours approximately. The minute you have completed the charging, it is conceivable that you can take it with you on a long trip.

  • Stress-free user interface

The stress-free user interface is significant features of the Retevis walkie-talkie as lesser control are obtainable to handle the complete range of functionalities. A key is also given for swapping from 1 channel to another so that the user can do an uninterrupted communication of messages.

  • Single band accompanied by single frequency

Due to the presence of the single band with the single frequency, this walkie-talkie becomes a complete necessity for the consumers. They can organize the VOX aspects during the communication not only inside the building but anywhere at the outdoor sites. It is destined to provide excellent outcomes from the long-term viewpoint.

  • Scanning capability

Moreover, the scanning services are also accessible to the users for searching the free channels along with the privacy codes to conduct transmission without tempering. One more significant feature of the models of Retevis walkie-talkie is the busy channel lockout. This feature alerts the users if any transmission of the voice signal is happening.

  • Low power alert

The low power alert is the representation of intellectual charging that never allow the walkie-talkie to stop working. There are so many models of other brands which do not possess the same characteristic and they get easily discharged before you become able to search the power source.

  • VOX function is accessible

As the VOX (Voice Operated exchange) function is also available along with the Retevis walkie-talkie, you can easily use it as a hands-free also. So, there is no need to get worried about the location of the radio, as you can also talk with the help of a microphone.

  • CTCSS service

The CTCSS (Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System) functionality certifies that the uninvited calls get blocked instantaneously by the users of the Retevis walkie-talkie. This is one of the main benefits which a user can get from this device.

6. Frequently Asked Questions ( F.A.Qs)

  • What is the warranty period that is offered on the Retvis walkie-talkie?

The warranty period varies from model to model. It usually ranges between 1 to 3 years approximately.

  • Can I purchase the batteries separately if gets down?

No, separate batteries are not available.

  • How many sets of handsets will I get after purchasing Retevis walkie-talkie?

You will get two handsets of Retevis walkie-talkie in a single packing.

  • What is the maximum range that is offered by these walkie-talkies?

The maximum range that is covered by Retevis walkie talkie is 1 Km if an obstacle like concrete building comes between and range of 2-3 Km if you are suing it in the free space like jungle or forests.

  • Do I need to have a license to use the Retevis walkie-talkie?

No, there is no need of any license for using a walkie-talkie generally but still, you must be aware of the rules of your country.

  • How can I avail the warranty period service off this device?

The manufacturers of the Retevis walkie-talkie offer one year warranty on the product and 60 days warranty on its accessories. You can also have a trial pack of 30 days also in which if you do not get satisfied with the product then you may return it and get the refund of the whole payment of the device.

  • From where can I buy this product?

This walkie-talkie is easily available on the numerous online shopping websites from where you can buy this product at reasonable price rate.

  • In how many days can I get the delivery of the Retevis walkie-talkie at my home?

It will take around 1 to 3 business days usually but the delivery of the product totally depends on upon the place or the region where you live.

7. Conclusion

After getting familiar with all the features, benefits, and disadvantages of the Retevis walkie-talkie, we can say that overall this gadget is an outstanding device to buy. It is perfect for any range of distance i.e. nearby or far away. It will be very difficult to find such a high-quality product at so much reasonable price. You can also recommend this gadget to your family and friends.

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